Sunday, 10 November 2013

Wikipedia Activity

Wikipedia is a commonplace for people to find definitions for some nouns. There is a fact that, when people search a word use English you will get a full explanation with a structured format. For instance, when we search for information literacy, Wikipedia will give us the background and the meaning of this word. Meanwhile, Wikipedia explain this word use previous literature to support their point and those literature could help people to get further information and deep understanding about this word. Furthermore all the explanations structure with a list of headings. This is easy for people find the information that they need. Moreover, from those literature can prove that the information is accurate and reliable because that information is from previous literature which is wrote by expert. What is more, in the history and talk tabs, I can learn some basic meaning about information literacy, which is ability to searching, defining, evaluating and applying the information. Moreover, we can see a lot of relative concept for us to explore that field.( Xiaoyao Wei)

I searched Information Literacy in Wikipedia in Chinese. It includes the definition, a simple origin and procedure of Information Literacy. In my opinion, it is not comprehensive. It does not cover the development and application of Information Literacy in my country. Also I could not find the whole origin of Information Literacy in my country and how people treat it. For that webpage, it has four references to support the description. It provided evidence from some article, which could help the description more credible. But it is not enough. The description should be longer and completed, so the reference should be more. There is no “talk” and “history” tabs, the webpage need to be extension. As a start of learning Information Literacy, it is good to understand the definition of Information Literacy, but it also needs to be improved and put more information about that. (Ying Wang)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Our Favorite Web 2.0 application


My favorite Web 2.0 application is facebook since I enetered the university. Facebook has its most power in conneting friends and family all around the world. It specially features in the concept of timeline status and the "like" bottom which evolutionary change the way that young people expressing their emotion. Moreover, facebook still developing new functions today.

Here is the group of  our course 2013 Postgraduate Information Management:

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

information universe

About information universe I want to talk about my experience to find my practice work place, in my mind it is an amazing experience because I asked three different strangers to find that place. At that time some of people help me to found the place but some of them told me a wrong way to go there. Therefore this journey is quite hardly.

First and foremost, my father told me which bus can pick me to that company, when I get the bus station I have another question? Which side should I wait for the bus? Meanwhile I consider I can watch the bus station information to get the answer.

Moreover, when I got the company I started my difficult journey. Firstly, I found a person who looks like a gracious woman “excuse me, could you please tell me how I can get to the accounting office?” she said you should go upstairs and then you can ask another people.

After that I take elevator to fourth floor and then asked another man who I meet the same question, he told me you should turn left by the end of this hall. After I said thank you I went to the office.

Finally, I found that the man told me a wrong side; I cannot found that office on the left hand. At the time I feel angry but I have no choice after while I asked another man, he told me you should go the other side and on your right hand.

To sum up, I found the accounting office to start my practice work. Even if it is a hardly experience but the result is great.

7 Pillars

Our Team's Strongest Pillars is Identify

Because Identify is the first step of the 7 pillars, we think it is the most important skill and we are particularly fimiliar with it. As a starting step, identify the query, the needs, and the limits are essential to conduct the information search. From our experiences, we believe we are particularly strong on this pillar in the information literacy landscape.

Team S

Monday, 14 October 2013

Information Universe

Here,talking about the experience to find information, I also would like to share with you about my final dissertation in the university of Sunderland. There is no doubt to say the dissertation need the most information among the other courses. For finishing this dissertation, I main followed these steps below, and all the steps were required to find information:
Firstly, I should check our personal tutor online.  In this dissertation, we were arranged by different tutor that guide our work. 
Secondly, I had to identify my topical. In this process, I must do some research that make sure what kind of topical is easily to write. And finally, I  decided to write the the competitive advantage in the Chinese restaurants in Sunderland. Here, I used the Internet and some related books. 
Thirdly, wrote to the middle,I prepared the questionnaires and surveys, and got the feedback from all Chinese restaurants in Sunderland. 

finally,I should clear up all my notes and show it to my tutor. 

In this process of dissertation, I used the series of information types as below:
Questionnaire and surveys 

All the feedback from Chinese restaurants

Information Universe

This week we were asked to think about a time when we needed to find information and then noted the searching process as well as the resources we used. To me, I recalled a time I searched for the information about potential postgraduate taught programme in UK that I might interest in and apply for.

Firstly, I thought I need a rough list of university in my subject domain, library and information science, so I checked some well-known world university ranking websites such as QS and THE. I referenced the university rank from 2010 to 2012. After that, I listed 10 universities in the UK that ranked best in the related academic scopes.

Secondly, I want to know the geographic location of these universities. I used Google Map to get the locations of the universities, and then I searched the city name at Wikipedia to learn more about the weather and travel information in the region.

Thirdly, I needed to find the information about tuition fee of each university in the list. Because the tuition fee changed year by year and it also differ from school to school, I knew the best way to know accurate number  is to launch each website of listed universities. It took several hours to finish the navigation over those universities websites, but it really worth.

Finally, I got all the information I need to decide which postgraduate taught programme I would like to apply for. Additionally, I also learned more about travelling information within the UK.

I used websites, Google Maps, Wikipedia to complete the search.

YaJu Huang

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Information universe

To think about a time when I needed to find information, I would like to talk about one experience that I travelled to Newcastle.

I heard about that Newcastle is a prosperous city, during last holidays I made a plan to travel to Newcastle. Since I didn’t have any idea about that city, I decided to search information on the Internet. At first, I used search engine to search some famous places in Newcastle. Then I selected some popular scenic spots. By viewing Google Map, I made my tour route and chose transportation of the travel. Then I checked some blogs and forums which about some special recommendation and experience in Newcastle. At last, I checked railway timetable and booked tickets through the Train Line software.  

After acquired quite a number of information, I had a nice trip in Newcastle. I went to many nice places and tried delicious food. I enjoyed that trip so much.