Sunday, 10 November 2013

Wikipedia Activity

Wikipedia is a commonplace for people to find definitions for some nouns. There is a fact that, when people search a word use English you will get a full explanation with a structured format. For instance, when we search for information literacy, Wikipedia will give us the background and the meaning of this word. Meanwhile, Wikipedia explain this word use previous literature to support their point and those literature could help people to get further information and deep understanding about this word. Furthermore all the explanations structure with a list of headings. This is easy for people find the information that they need. Moreover, from those literature can prove that the information is accurate and reliable because that information is from previous literature which is wrote by expert. What is more, in the history and talk tabs, I can learn some basic meaning about information literacy, which is ability to searching, defining, evaluating and applying the information. Moreover, we can see a lot of relative concept for us to explore that field.( Xiaoyao Wei)

I searched Information Literacy in Wikipedia in Chinese. It includes the definition, a simple origin and procedure of Information Literacy. In my opinion, it is not comprehensive. It does not cover the development and application of Information Literacy in my country. Also I could not find the whole origin of Information Literacy in my country and how people treat it. For that webpage, it has four references to support the description. It provided evidence from some article, which could help the description more credible. But it is not enough. The description should be longer and completed, so the reference should be more. There is no “talk” and “history” tabs, the webpage need to be extension. As a start of learning Information Literacy, it is good to understand the definition of Information Literacy, but it also needs to be improved and put more information about that. (Ying Wang)

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